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At Newton Park we encourage children's development by following the child's interests and providing activities that benefit the child. We promote child-led activities alongside adult-led activities based around the interests of the child.

For children between the ages of two and four years, we follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines to ensure your child is recieving the best possible care.

What we do

  • Every Tuesday afternoon we have A star sports with Gary, which promotes a child's physical development

  • We have a sensory room which offers a chance for children to explore different senses and to regulate their emotions

  • We provide dance and music sessions, using music and movement the children are provided with a range of resources to promote their listening and attention skills, such as egg shakers, bells, fabric scarves, and ribbons.

  • We use the school grounds regularly to promote forest schooling, offering positive risk taking.

  • We use a communication assessment called the 'Welcom' to track your child's speech and language development.

Our Routine

  • 9: Preschool Opens

  • 9 - 9.15: laughing lions register group - Numbers/phonics

  • 9.15 - 10: Free flow and Snack

  • 10 - 10.45: Tiger Tots outside/laughing lions inside

  • 10.45 - 11.30: Tiger Tots inside/Laughing Lions outside

  • 11.30: Tiger Tots have lunch/ Laughing lions songs and stories

  • 11.45: Laughing Lions have lunch

  • 12.20 - 12.40: sensory room for stories

  • 12.40 - 13.20: Tiger Tots outside/Laughing Lions inside

  • 13.20 - 2: Tiger Tots inside/Laughing Lions outside

  • 2-2.40: Free flow/snack

  • 2.40 - 2.50: songs/stories

  • 2.50 - 3: coats and bags

  • 3 : Home Time

​2-3 Year Olds: Tiger Tots

We welcome children from there 2nd birthday. Tiger tots are encouraged to explore their environment, which encourages their development at their own rate and level of ability. They have a wide range of opportunities offered to them which encourages them to grow both in their learning and their character/personality,

Tiger Tots recieve daily diaries via baby days each session they attend.

​3-4 Year Olds: Laughing lions

Our laughing lions are encouraged to learn through play, providing them with  as many different opportunities for play as possible in stimulating environments. Talking, listening, chatting are all important too, encouraging independence as well as reading stories and looking at picture books. Lots of opportunities to socialise with children of different ages will also help to allow your child become ready for that big important step of starting school.

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