Every Friday afternoon the laughing lions group take part in forest experience. Going to the grounds of Newton Primary.

What is outdoor learning

This encourages the development of children’s emotional and physical development though outdoor play, activities and exploration in a woodland environment. This is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age though positive experiences and participation in engaging and motivating achievable tasks and activities fostering:

·       Independence

·       Confidence

·       Communication skills

·       Self-esteem

Outdoor learning at newton park preschool

Outdoor learning takes places whatever the weather. Therefore, waterproof clothing will be provided for your child. Could you please make sure your child has a warm coat and wellies for each session.

We will undertake activities such as den making, bug hunting, tree rubbings and lots of other fun activities. Many activities will be spontaneous and based on the children’s interests as we are in the outdoor environment. Forest experience involve the lighting of fires and use of some tools. However, at this early stage your child will NOT be using or lighting fires. This is all supervised on a one to one basis.


All of our activities are risk assessed before the activities take place.

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