Newton Park Newsletter


Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back to a new school year we are looking forward to getting to know all our new parents and children who are joining us this year and watching our previous tiger tots grow as laughing lions.

Firstly, we have new committee members to introduce you too-

Lesley is our new secretary and Karen has taken on the role as treasurer. Danielle will continue as chairperson the committee works closely with the staff and the running of the setting and this year have taken on the role for organising fundraising events throughout the year, so they will be keeping you posted on these events.


·       Congratulations to Tanya who spent last year taking her NVQ level 3 course, she has now completed the course and received her level 3 in childcare.


Parents information

·       Parent Play Sessions

Parents are welcome to join us during a session or for a couple of hours for a play date. The children love having their parents join them in the setting, showing off their many skills and talents and meeting their friends. Please speak to member of staff if you would like to join us.

·       Clothing
It is important that all children arrive in Preschool in appropriate clothing. We aim to play outside every day and we will go out during periods of sunshine, rain, wind and snow.

Uniform is also optional, and you can speak to Anika for more information

All children need to bring a spare set of clothes with them, as we no longer have spare clothes. If your child needs changing and they don’t have a set with them, we will call parents to bring them a change of clothes.

·       Parking
Parents are NOT permitted to park in the school car park, the premises belongs to the primary school and not the preschool, therefore the head teacher has requested we inform parents that unless organised through him you are to park outside the school not in their car park.

·       Snack

Following a committee meeting it has been discussed that as we are a charity run setting its important that we raise funds to help where possible, each month we will hold a themed dressing up day and would like to ask parents to donate 50p to take part. This money will go towards providing snack for the children throughout the week, as previously the setting provided this and to keep snack provided this has been nominated the best option as the children will enjoy dressing up and all parents can help provide the extra funds to cover snack. The first dress up day will be Wednesday 26th September, and the theme will be their favourite person to dress as.


·       Babys days /Facebook

For updates on events and what’s happening in the setting, these can be found on your child’s baby days or the private Facebook. No letters from next week will be going out as the setting uses electric systems enabling us to go paperless as much as possible. Information on upcoming events can also be seen on the parent’s news board at the setting.

Baby days has also updated its system, so the older parents would have noticed a lot changed and staff can work with you to help you around the system. We are also offering a babys day’s workshop which we suggest all parents to attend if possible.


Dates for your diary-

-          26th September- fancy dress day

-          10th October @9.15am- babys days’ workshop

-          12th November- school photos from 9am

-          20th December laughing lions Christmas play @ 10.30-11.30

-          20tht December Tiger tots Christmas party 12.30- 1.45


Term dates

Autumn term 2018

School opens Tuesday 4th September- Wednesday 24th October


School opens Monday 5th November- Wednesday 19th December




Spring term 2019

School opens 7th January- Friday 15th February


School opens Monday 25th February – Friday 29th March @2pm


Summer term 2019

School opens Monday 15th April- Friday 24th May

SCHOOL CLOSED Friday 19th April

SCHOOL CLOSED Monday 22nd April



School opens 3rd June- Thursday 18th July @2PM



If any parents have any queries regarding this newsletter, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff. THANK YOU

Claire, Gillie, Anika, Vicky, Tanya, Sarah and Gemma

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